SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) pledges that it will meet your needs in the most effective way possible. Therefore, when responding to your needs, will make care to respect and safeguard one's confidentiality as much as possible. To make sure that We follow through on our pledge, we maintain open communication regarding the information that we acquire about our Clients, whether we apply it, and how it will never be shared with any third parties, either knowingly or unknowingly.

Every one of us customers who access and utilize online mobile apps and websites created by SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) is subject to the terms of this user agreement. Visitors hereby expressly and unequivocally acknowledge that their use of the Organization's employees and/or operating systems constitutes their acceptance of this Data Protection Policy as well as the Conditions of Being used contained there.

Persons are urged to refer to or depend on the explanation section integrated into the additional report called "Words of Use" provided in the Business's interface or mobile application with respect to all or any terms which are not defined hereunder.] (I) "Identification Number": This is a number that is given to each individual User via their smartphone or tablet by means of "ads" or equivalent such computer components so a bid to enhance overall efficiency to the Permitted and his specific preferences could be detected.PERSONAL INFORMATION

The disclosure statement was created in accordance with:

the Information Technology Act of 2000's Section 43A;

the "SPI Regulations" (hereafter abbreviated to "The Information Technology (Reasonable Safety Policies and Regulations and Client Confidential Information) Rules, 2011");

the "SPI Regulations" (hereafter abbreviated to "The Information Technology (Reasonable Safety Policies and Regulations and Client Confidential Information) Rules, 2011");

According to the SPI Guidelines, "Private Data" is any particularly emphasized to something like a normal individual that, whether actively or passively, when paired with other documentation already accessible or anticipated for being accessible with a public company, is able to recognize that individual.

The term "vulnerable private details or info" (hence abbreviated to simply as the "SPDI") of a subject would be further defined in the SPI Regulations as meaning Private information about that individual relates to:

Login details, banking details, tangible, biological, and psychological medical conditions, title, age, identify, e-mail, mobile number, year of birth, gender identity, hospital information and background, personally identifiable information, data collected by the body co-operate underneath the contractual obligation and otherwise, and guest information as made available there at the time of enrollment is really just these few explanations.

The term "Private Details" refers to every piece of info available above.."

Below is a list of the Customer information that we have obtained from the Corporation's site(s) and/or mobile application(s):
a) data offered by users,
b) automated tracking of data when traveling (Information).

The Primary users willingly and fully approve the gathering, keeping, and processing of the Individual Data provided by him/her, along with any such modifications to it as provided by him/her at any later stage, for the purpose of utilizing any of the facilities that We can provide, by trying to access Corporation's Website(s)/Mobile Application(s) and/or the offerings.

The User(s) might well be asked to give some details again for application procedure on the Corporation's interface(s) or mobile application(s) in order to access specific functions.:-
a) your title,
b) the email account,
c) gender,
d) an individual's age
e) PIN code,
f) information about your credit or debit card,
g) records of medical treatment,
h) orientation towards sexuality,
i) information about biometrics,

In addition to your username and password, please include your occupation and interests.

If a person under the age of 18 (eighteen) submits Private Information, we consider that sufficient and legal prior approval has been obtained.

We can make the Corporation's site(s) and phone application(s) better with the help of the information provided by the user(s), so that we can give them the most pleasant option available.

SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) might employ the aforementioned customer data to manage, safeguard, and enhance the operations (particularly our ad networks), as well as to develop and offer additional innovative features for visitors. All needed info is application-based (s). It is clearly stated that details that are readily and quickly attainable in the digital realm, provided in accordance with the Act on Right to Information of 2005 and also any laws established pursuant to section, or is provided in accordance with any other current legislation in effect shall not be deemed to be sensitive information.

The main purpose of data collection is to enhance our offerings in order to satisfy the customer as well as webpage route planning and subject matter.


The Right To Information act of 2000, as revised by the Information Technology Amendment Act of 2008, and Regulation 8 of the SPI Guidelines, as noted previously, have both been followed by us in the implementation of acceptable security procedures.

Your personally identifiable information is protected by strict, globally recognized norms of information, administrative privacy, technological security, security procedures, and security protocols. These standards help to prevent the loss, exploitation, revelation, manipulation, and deletion of personal data. The third-party providers of cloud services have guaranteed us that the data we collect is handled and kept safely and discreetly in accordance with the generally acknowledged guiding principles.

In compliance with the Information Technologies 2000 legislation and the SPI Rules, we have established "Reasonable Security Practices." Through abiding through such regulations, we guarantee that our User will receive the appropriate supervision and oversight placed above a white with us Technology and Joint operations just like needed by the pertinent segments, namely sections 43, 43A, 45, 66, 72A, & 85 of the Information Technology Act, 2000 peruse only with Information Technology Amendment Act, 2008 and also with connected regulations framed within it. The abuse or unlawful utilization of any personal sensitive data kept in the Corporation's site or mobile application is not, therefore, the responsibility of HD Cricket or any of its executives, owners, staff, or even other linked parties (either explicitly or implicitly).

According to the established by law requirements in Sections 43, 43A, and 45 of the IT Act, Users who access or use the Company's website(s) or mobile application(s) agree that We shall not be liable for any uncontrollable security attacks and any consequential losses (whether directly or indirectly), including monetary losses, loss of opportunity, legal costs, attorney's fees, business losses, damaged reputations, immediate and indirect losses which may actually happen towards the User.

Visitors quite far acknowledge and understand that our management complies with the due diligence (care & controls) requirements of the Information Technology Act, 2000, including its guidelines and constitutional provisions, and that our leadership shall not be held liable directly or indirectly for any virtual cybercrimes lawbreaker debts there under Information Technology Act, 2000/2008 correspond to one's information.

We implement the necessary precautionary steps to guard against illegal disclosure, as well as unlawful data change, disclosure, or deletion. These consist of the auditing process of our gathering data, retention, and treatment processes as well as safety precautions, such as complete physical security and encryption to prevent illegal access to the databases where we hold private details.

All information gathered on the Company’s Website(s)/Mobile Application(s) is securely stored and managed by us on a third-party cloud service provider's server as mentioned earlier.

User(s) agree that any information you include in a posting to the public discussion areas on the Company’s Website(s)/Mobile Application(s) is available to anyone who has access to the Company’s Website(s)/Mobile Exchange(s).

The web, however, is a dynamic communication. They reserve the right to make modifications to our privacy statement as needed to reflect forthcoming requirements and/or to meet new legal requirements. This comprises, but is not restricted to, adding provisions for future technical advancements (any), which might also occur. Despite the nature of the new policy, we will continue to use the data we gather in a shall comply with the regulation under which it was collected, so long as doing so does not violate any legal requirements at the moment of use.


Designers might need "cookies" or related these technological devices to gather data that is used to delegate each consumer a distinct, set of numbers as just an identity verification ("Id And password") and to recognize every participant's varied preferences have used one‘s defined desktop devices in terms of improving the sensitivity for our Focused). Despite the fact that we may allocate a cache to any desktop or mobile device, we will not be able to locate you unless you explicitly identify yourself (for instance, via enrollment). Likewise, a cache is unable to receive information from your disc.

The programs for iOS and Android devices need not specifically mention using "data." To gather data and enhance the operations, the Corporation's site(s) or smartphone interface(s) might incorporate code and libraries from private entities. Individuals do have a choice of accepting or rejecting these cookies, as well as being informed whenever data is being delivered to their system. Nevertheless, a User may be unable to use all or parts of the offerings if they decide to reject our analytics. We have no control over how marketers who leverage the Corporation's site(s) or smartphone interface(s) as a platform for marketing may allocate and employ their beacons to the user device. To enhance the application recommendations and customize your expertise, We may collect extra information with the User(s)' permission, such as the list of installed apps on your device, sensor data, locality, and core network. We might also utilize this information to make critical business choices.

Our guarantee this at none of the Valued information will be given to a private entity and will only be used to enhance every appearance of the product and tailor the benefits offered by SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) commercial judgments

Choosing Out: Whether any User would like to prevent their device from collecting data, they can deactivate cookies in the relevant address bar options. Furthermore, how the related User uses our offerings might well be significantly affected by it.

Logging record details: It is important that warn and make clear to our Users that:
(i) When you visit the Business's site(s) or smartphone app, we simply log some facts about the device's web browser, namely your Internet address, cellphone number, and email account (where relevant).
(ii) One's Internet protocol is a number that tells web devices where to send information, such as this website you visit.
(iii) Your Network address, the name of your machine, the kind and version of your website, and the system software are all pieces of data we constantly collect from the web page.
(iii) Your Network address, the name of your machine, the kind and version of your website, and the system software are all pieces of data we constantly collect from the web page.
Data from further resources
(i)We might access data regarding you from external resources, add this to the data we now have about you for your account, and handle it in compliance with just this consent form.
(ii) All login data and order details may indeed be given to us if you offer them to the technology platform or another vendor from whom we obtain services.
(iii) In order to update our data, provide the operations, or contact you, we may receive recently updated data from third parties.
Details About Target group As well as Transactions.
(i)To send you messages and offers that are more specifically tailored to you, we might consult different demographic and other information sources. Among other tools, we utilize Search Engines to monitor user activity on our websites and mobile apps.
(ii) Google Analytics specifically has been enabled to support display advertising helping us to gain an understanding of our User(s); Demographics and Interests.
(iii)The statistics are neutral and can't be connected to any specific, individually identifiable information that you might have given us.

Connections to other sites or app stores operated by external parties could also be found on the Firm's “ website ” or smartphone interface(s). These web pages or mobile apps are subject to the security policies set forth by each, which are outside of our authority.

After changing to the following apps or websites, the User can identify their address by looking at the Web address in their browser's location bar once they have accessed any built-in third-party service. The administrator of the application or website the user(s) are accessing is liable for deciding how to use any data that the user(s) supply to such a private entity. Their regulation might not match us anyway. The User(s) should get in touch with the app or webmasters directly for further information on this and/or for any other complaints if they are unable to locate the personal information of any of these third-party websites or mobile applications, even viewing its webpage.

When users access the Industry's site or smartphone app, third-party ad providers are utilized to show advertisements. Such business owners might need data regarding one's consultations on these and other webpages or apps, not your title, identity, email- mail address, contact information, and perhaps other individually identifiable confidential material deliver ad campaigns for services and goods that may be of interest to the relevant User.

Apart from the provided adequate there in the following section, we do not divulge the Confidential Info either to 3rd party websites, merchants, or ad servers without your approval.

Before even receiving explicit permission from the User, SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) may disclose sensitive Personal to any third party, including Government Entities, Government Agencies, State Officials, Service Providers, or Cooperation Members in the specific situations:
(i) If it is demanded or mandated to be disclosed by a judicial, government organization, or other entity, or to verify an individual's identification, or to prevent, discover or examine an event involving computer systems to condemn and maintain law and order. Such revelations were done within the fiduciary conviction of performing is indeed provide everything to uphold the Personal Information and Conditions of Using it, in addition to accordance with the present and future legal requirements.
(ii) The Team intends to disclose Certain Information to the executives and employees of its group businesses and linked firms in them to handle Personal Details on their own. They further make sure that the individuals who will receive this data consent to collecting it by the terms of this Privacy Notice and the Conditions of Use, all of which are available on the Corporation's site and smartphone app. The aforementioned network firms and connected businesses additionally make sure that any Private Details supplied by them are not provided to another private entity outside of the circumstances specified in this article.
(iii) When clients access the Business's “ website ” or smartphone app, the Business might employ third-party marketing businesses to show adverts. Such companies can utilize non-sensitive individual data collected about customers' travels toward the Business's website, cell interface, as well as other third-party sites to deliver commercials for items and services that might be of benefit to a single individual.
(iv) If the Firm is bought out by or merged with another company, it will transmit information about the Users to the new entity.
Private Information Obtain, ALTERATION, AND Removal
(i) When the User(s) use the Company’s Website(s)/Mobile Application(s): (i) We make good faith efforts to provide our User(s), as and when requested by such User(s), with access to their Personal Information and shall further ensure that any Personal Information or sensitive personal data or information found to be inaccurate or deficient shall be corrected, modified or amended as feasible, subject to any requirement for such Personal Information or sensitive personal data or information to be retained by law or for legitimate business purposes.
(ii) Researchers might indeed refuse to undertake work that is excessively regular or structured, demand excessive specialized effort, jeopardize the confidentiality of many others, might be impractical (for example, requests concerning information stored on backup tapes), or for which access is not otherwise required. Researchers request that every independent User identify themselves and the information that they need to obtain, accurately, or eliminate before handling such queries.
(iii) Anytime we offer data exchange or modification, will do so without charge unless it would involve an unreasonable amount of labor.
(iv)When a User makes a given query, then will make sure all Private Symbolizes to that Member are removed from both our system as well as the third-party provider of cloud services.
(v) Given how the manner in which that runs some of our operations, once you ask for the Private Details to be erased, it could require some time for it to be removed from current live databases, and it might be in the redundant systems for just some period.
Policies We Have Regarding Families

Anyone below the age of sixteen is also not deliberately requested for their private details by us, nor are they intentionally permitted for using our facilities. Kindly do not provide us with any confidential info personally, like any identity, information, contact information, or email id, when you are under the year 16. Underage users are not permitted to submit any private information. If we come to know that we may have obtained private information from a minor below 16, they shall take all reasonable steps to remove such data. Please get in touch with us if you think that have any data concerning a child on under the year 16.

Members or somebody else with complaints like any type is kindly asked to use the link given further to perform the necessary response:

Reach us, and we would be pleased to discuss any additional concerns you may have about our user agreement or even assist with recognizing its consequences. Additionally, if it is acceptable in our opinion, we may assist you in obtaining and supplying more data about business activities in response to your inquiry. Anyone can get in touch with us at our e-mail for the aforementioned reason. Processing the aforementioned demand can be time-consuming.

We're a New Delhi, Delhi-based company that Manage all type of (India).
(i) "Act": This term refers to and encompasses anyone of the preceding (as applicable)
(a) “The 2000 "The Technology and Information Act"
(b) “The 2008 "Technology and Information (Reform act) Act"
(ii) "Law" denotes any of the following (as appropriate) and includes them all:
(a) The 2011 Technological Advancement (Reasonable Safety Policies and Regulations and Private And sensitive Information stored) Rules;
(b) Rules for Data Protection in E-Commerce, 2020;
(iii) SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket), its owners, staff, subsidiaries, key executive individuals, etc. are all covered by the term "HD Cricket".
(iv) "Company" refers to SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket), as well as its subsidiaries, directors, staff, and other important organizational figures.
(v) "Us" refers to SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket), as well as its associates, crew, affiliated groups, top executive individuals, etc.
(vi) Any webpages including app stores that are available to customers and are controlled and operated (actively or passively) by SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) are collectively referred to as "Website(s)/Mobile Application(s)" and therefore are featured.
(viii) "User": This title refers to and encompasses all individuals who visit, register to, or enroll for our site or smartphone interface of SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket), regardless of whether they're natural people or entities.
(ix) The term "Components" refers to any information, texts, symbols, patterns, illustrations, images, soundtracks, applications, publications, products, and options rendered by SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) on its website(s) and phone interface.
(x) "Open Board" refers to and includes a chat portal where users, among others, can publish or submit views, opinions, statistics, connections, video, audio, illustrations, images, messages, as well as other content that is accessible in particular areas or sections of the Website(s)/Mobile Application(s) of SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket).
(xi) "User Content" pertains to all remarks, recommendations, information, hyperlinks, video, audio files, images, photos, notes, and various other materials submitted by Users of the aforementioned SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) website or mobile interface.
(xii) "Conditions of Using it" means and refers to all terms and conditions contained in this agreement, updates, and modifications, as well as those made from time to time and published on the SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) website and mobile interface.
(xiii) The term "Confidentiality" prefer to refer to and encompasses all policies and terms contained in a document easily accessible on the SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket)website and mobile interface under the title "Terms And conditions".
(xiv)The phrases "Customer Contract" and "Confidentiality" refer to the conditions and policies set out on our website and mobile interface of SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket), accordingly.

In accordance with the Internet Technology Act 2000 ("Act") as well as any relevant guidelines number of activities, as well as the revised reservoir ” to electronic medical records in various statutes as amended by the Information Technology (Amendment) Act of 2008, this user agreement ("Terms of Use"), well as the revised reservoir ” to electronic medical records in various statutes as amended by the Information Technology (Amendment) Act of 2008, this user agreement ("Terms of Use") is an electronic record. There is no need for a handwritten signature or a cryptographic certificate on these Conditions use Or because it is created by a computer system.

The SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) website, phone interface, contents, and activities (together, "Services" are all subject to the policies and conditions set out in this agreement...

Whatever legitimate or natural person who has agreed to join our Website/Mobile Application of SPORTIFY by knowingly and willingly having to register on it as a registered user or who might otherwise browse/visit our Website(s)/Mobile Application(s) of SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) without taking registration or subscription of any kind as available during the pertinent time is referred to as a User(s) for purposes of this Terms of Use, wherever the context so requires. The terms and conditions of use as outlined in this Conditions of Service and the Confidentiality availed at our Website/Mobile Application of SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket)' is applied to your access or use of the mentioned Website/Mobile Application.

Please keep in mind that perhaps the User willingly consents to be bound by these Terms of Use, which constitute a binding contract between the User(s) and SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket), by visiting or utilizing the mentioned Website/Mobile Application.

Membership OF USERS

Viewers don't need to log in to browse HD Cricket's website or mobile application. According to the functionality made accessible on our website/mobile application of HD Cricket at the moment, however, User(s) may establish an account or you may log in using your Gmail account, Facebook profile, or Telephone Number in order to customize your experience with SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket).

Additionally, the user agrees to:
a) to fill out all the appropriate online applications on our website or mobile application of SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) with genuine, honest, complete, and full data;
b) uphold and maintain the genuine, honest, exact, and entire details you gave during the SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) registration procedure on their website and mobile interface.

It may be possible that you need to select essential for you to select a username and password. You alone are in charge of protecting the privacy of your screenname, password, and newly developed profile.

Members were ultimately answerable including all measures undertaken using respective passwords. Furthermore, customers promise to inform us promptly of every past or subsequently unauthorized use of personal accounts or other data breaches. Furthermore, They really aren't responsible for any damages that a Customer might suffer like a consequence of another person using their account or password, or as a result of a Participant's violation of the terms of this article.


This same data, features, writings, brand logo, creations, illustrations, pictures, audio, operating systems, documents, merchandise, as well as facilities ("Equipment") are made available on our website or mobile interface of SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket), as well as their choice, configuration, and showcase, maybe the characteristic of SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket), the latter's vendors or third-party telecommunications companies. Every piece of technology and content on this site is really the property of SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) or its licensors and is shielded against duplication by trademark as well as other patent laws to the greatest degree. Without SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) previous express written permission, no part of the Components may be altered, replicated, replicated, dispersed, reissued, uploaded, showcased, managed to sell, compiled, posted, or transferred in any way, such as but not restricted to by robotic, digital, hard copies, capturing, or some other means.

You now allow every one of our Customers the ability to browse and conduct non-commercial and personal usage of our website and smartphone interface of SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) solely. Visitors must use it only for financial gain, illegal activity, or in such a manner that jeopardizes us or another individual or entity, whatever we, in our absolute discretion, judge.

Anything connections, pictures, articles, or even other information on our site or phone interface of SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) may be posted or shared by anyone on social media platforms such as Facebook pages, Gmail, Messaging apps, etc. with perhaps a proper connection towards the primary material.

website and mobile apps, as well as the Contents, were made publicly available worldwide for general public usage, however only for – anti reasons. SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) and its partners are the exclusive owners of any intellectual property (if there is any) which may appear on our “ website ” or phone interface, such as the Publications.

All users of SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) website and mobile application, including individuals who access the Content, are expected to:
(a) all trademarks, as well as other proprietary notices, as well as other proprietary notices, must be kept intact;
(b) Accept zero modifications and don't either in whole or in portion, lease, borrow, lend, buy, publish, duplicate, or produce any infringing copy relying on SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) labor or the Resources it developed, created, or dreamed up;
(c) neither copy anything content, program, or components hereof to another smartphone or computer;
(d) Avoid using SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) or other resources, such as programs, for business or commercial purposes since SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) specifically forbids such usage; and
(d) Avoid using SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) or other resources, such as programs, for business or commercial purposes since SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) specifically forbids such usage;
(e) Make sure that neither our users nor any other party replicate or copies any of the services, capabilities, or other deals with matters at our website(s) or mobile application of SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) at any other website, smartphone app, or another platformer platform. Nothing contained within this document should be interpreted as granting anybody a license or other right in relation to any SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) patent, brand, or intellectual, with the sole exception of what is plainly specified therein. Users recognize and understand that nothing contained in such Aspects of Utilization will take possession of every intellectual right, trademark, registered trademark, company name, or even other ownership rights affiliated with our “ website ” or portable interface for SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket), other Equipment, or indeed any part thereof to users or any other related parties.

The User agrees that they will not utilize their service or smartphone application of SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) for any activities that are illegal or forbidden by any of these conditions of service or by any relevant local, regional, or treaty obligations, ordinances, policies, or guidelines. It is made clear that using our platform(s) or mobile interface for SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket)is entirely the obligation of the users.

Users are not permitted to distribute, communicate, publish, edit, or publish any data to our site(s) or smartphone interface(s) of SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket).

a) belonged to someone else and to that you have no legal claim;
b) is incredibly detrimental, years has experienced, offensive, sacrilegious, selective reading, inappropriate, sexually suggestive, sexually deviant, defaming, trying to invade some other patient's identity, mean spirited, or multiracial or tribally deeply offensive, slandering, linking to or inspiring financial fraud or sports betting, and or illegal in just about any manner;
c) sends out "spam mail," "mailings," "uninvited mass emailing," "going to spam," or "promotional emails promotion";
d) hurt children in any manner;
e) violates any copyrights (intellectual property, rights, royalties, etc.);
f) breaches any already applicable law;
g) misleading the sender more about the gin of the messages or sending any material that is blatantly insulting or ominous in character;
h) adopt a false identity;
i) comprises software code, files, or programs that are intended to disrupt, erase, or somehow restrict your operation of our services or materials in aggregate.;
Open Board Used

Users may have the opportunity to submit or contribute opinions, suggestions, information, connections, video, audio, visuals, photographs, notes, and some other material toward certain portions or webpages of HD Cricket's domain or phone application, for example, a discussion forum for customers (subsequently referred to the "Discussion Forum"). Every Member can engage with other users of SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) site or smartphone interface through the Public Medium.

Any Client Material which individuals publish, publish, mail, broadcast, and or grant access on the Public Message board is completely and entirely their responsibility. Users need to take appropriate steps to ensure that their Digital Footprint does not violate other users' rights since they fully realize and recognize that such User Information can be observed by other consumers anywhere in the world.

SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) has no authority over the subscriber information that is placed on the discussion venue, thus it cannot attest to its correctness, reliability, or overall quality. Users recognize using SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) website or mobile interface may subject them to copyrighted material that is inappropriate, harmful, or indecent.

Of no situations, such as but still not restricted to, omissions and errors in either Online Content, or for any loss or damage of any kind resulting from the use of any Online Content published, communicated, conveyed, or somehow released publicly on with us website(s)/mobile application(s) of SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket), would then SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) be subject to liability in a whatsoever manner for any Personal Data..

Our Subscribers grant SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket)(and its franchisees, resellers, investigators, delegates, as well as other staff members) the unquestionable entitlements in constant, premium, non-exclusive license to regenerate, begin preparing source code predicated on such, allocate, conduct, and a showcase of that kind Content Posted, in its entirety or in part, in any format, on every mainstream press or future technologies recognized or eventually developed.

The regulations that apply to the Online Content uploaded by our Customers will be followed, and it could be disabled or the target of court proceedings. Visitors acknowledge and consent that SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) may reveal Copyrighted Material or keep a copy of it if obliged required to do so by legislation or under the fair and reasonable assumption that such action is objectively reasonable to:
(a) respect for the judicial process;
(b) rebut accusations that any Digital Footprint infringes upon other parties' property;
(c) SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) and the broader government's property, wealth, or personal security.

Additionally, SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) reserves the right to cancel any User's account, prohibit access and remove any Internet Content that is in contravention of our main factors in determining whether any User is discovered to have been violating the law, our agreements of being used, or perhaps the terms of service of our platform or smartphone interface.

Users acknowledge and accept that SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) shall not be liable or accountable again for the retention or removal of any User Contributions and also that SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) shall have the right, anywhere at a moment and in its absolute discretion, to vary the general practices and limitations thereof regardless of advanced warning to its User.


Except as otherwise specified, intellectual property laws and all proprietary rights in all Components on with us website(s)/mobile interface of SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) [including but not restricted to writing, sound recording, clip or visualizations photos, or future technologies, the appearance and experience of both the webpage implementation, brand names and emblems making an appearance on with us website/mobile application of SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket)might well be controlled and owned by all of us or through other stakeholders that already have permitted the components. One can only use the information on our site(s) or smartphone interface(s) for personal privacy, and noncommercial reasons. A portion of the content displayed here could have been acquired first from the digital realm and published on either platform(s) or smartphone asset(s) of SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket). The respective rights of intellectual property in the Material made accessible on our “ website ” or software device should always be maintained by the Focused. These Publications may not be copied, duplicated, reprinted, downloaded, stored, conveyed, or downloaded either by User(s) or anybody else, both directly and indirectly, as well as by email and perhaps other electronic communication. Alteration of the components, utilization of the materials in any other webpage or computer networks surroundings, or utilization of the substances for just any intent other than individual, non-commercial use is all absolutely prohibited even without the landlord's written permission and constitute violations of copyright owners, brand names, and other ownership rights. For the sake of this Article, an utilization is considered commercial if the User(s) obtain compensation for it, whether it be financially or anything else. The community agrees not to employ any beam methods to encapsulate any brand name, visual identity, or even other trade secrets of SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket), or to remove, cover-up, or somehow modify any ownership or other patented technology start noticing credit-line, dating site, on another mark, or origin identifier included on our domain(s) or mobile pro program(s), including any constraint, this same size, color, placement, or fashion of all proprietary marks. Any violation must be vehemently protested and prosecuted to the utmost degree allowed by the relevant laws.

We appreciate the property rights of others, hence if you feel that any information or data on our site(s) or mobile interface(s) of SEAHAWK EVENT AND FILM PRIVATE LIMITED (HD Cricket) violates your interests, we urge that you tap on email us to receive more evidence so that you please take the necessary steps.